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Bursary Awards

MUSIC:LINK has given many bursary awards
since the inception of the scheme in 2006.

Although MUSIC:LINK is now administered under
the agreement reached with soundLINCS,
the bursary scheme will continue.


Part of MUSIC:LINK’s constitution as a Registered Charity
requires that we promote music and its development
within the Lincolnshire and East Midlands area.

The MUSIC:LINK Bursary Scheme
gives assisted funding for attendance
at Workshops and Masterclasses or similar courses
to promising, talented young musicians of school age
to encourage them to reach a standard
where they can give public perfomances.

If you know of any promising young musicians
who you feel could benefit from
any aspect of this Scheme
please contact MUSIC:LINK.

Applications for 2017 Bursaries will close on
1st March 2017.

Whilst membership of Music:Link is not a requirement
for our accepting applications and nominations,
preference will be given
to applications and nominations from
schools, teachers and organisations
who are members of, or who are affiliated to MUSIC:LINK.

Please note, previous recipients of bursary awards
are not eligible for consideration.

Full details of the scheme may be obtained by contacting

The Music:Link Bursary Scheme has now completed its tenth year and we have been able to award bursaries to 32 young musicians totalling over £16,000. We believe that it is important for us all to encourage and support young musicians so that the continued perfomance of LIVE music is assured.

Applications for awards have come from a wide variety of disciplines and we have provided bursaries for a ’Cellist,
Cornet Players, Euphonium Players, Flautists, a Harpist, a Guitar Player, Organists, Percussionist, Pianists, Saxophonists, Singers, Trumpeter, Trombonists and Violinists. We received many more applications and, had we had more funds available, we would have been able to give financial support to more young musicians.

The value of the awards to these young musicians are summed up in their own words:

“Words could not possibly describe the unforgettable experiences I had on my week at EYSM, I could easily describe the week at Haileybury as the most sensational week of my life.”

“Thank you very much. It was a fantastic experience that I will remember for a long time!”

“I could never have imagined that such a huge transformation could take place in so many people in such a short period of time.”

“I was so honoured to be awarded the bursary … …but nothing could have prepared me for the incredible opportunities I would experience.”

“The knowledge I have gained will last me throughout my musical career.”

“Thank you for your generosity that enabled me to attend the English Schools Orchestra course … I got so much out of the experience.”

"Being given the opportunity to attend the Musicale summer school in Harpenden opened up a whole lot of opportunities for me. Not only did I experience playing in a Wind Band (which I had not done before) but I was surrounded by fellow musicians who share the same passion for music as me. By Music:Link's giving me the chance to attend this programme, I was also given the confidence to believe that if I worked hard enough, I could achieve almost anything I want to.
Music:Link aspires to turn young people with musical talent into excellent young musicians who discover themselves through music and influence those around them. Without Music:Link, I would not have had the belief to take some of the opportunities I have been given and not only work in them, but push myself to my absolute limit to excel in them with my full potential. Without Music:Link I wouldn't be where I am today; about to start my second year at Wells Cathedral School as a specialist musician (trumpet) on an MDS Scholarship scheme run by the government.
Music:Link not only gives people the chance to make their dreams a reality, but also gives them the inspiration to develop a genuine love for music and a footpath to continue to work in order to have a future career in it."

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