Mailing & Submission Dates

Mailing Dates

Our next mailing date is Monday 24th January 2018.

Items for mailing (300 leaflets) must reach us by the Monday 22nd January.

Please send to:
soundLINCS, soundHOUSE, 18 St Martin's Lane, Lincoln LN2 1HY

For deliveries by hand - click here for map

Deliveries must be made between 8am & 6pm Monday to Thursday only

It is FREE for members to provide us with leaflets and flyers for distribution with the monthly diaries.  Diaries and flyers have a reach of over 4,000 people each month.

Non-members can have a single mailshot for an event for a cost of between £25.00 and £40.00 (This depends on the total weight of items for including in the mail shot.)

Multiple shots cost an extra £20 for each month.

Please note: If your leaflets are larger than A5 size, please fold them prior to delivery / posting.

Diary Submissions

Entries for February 2018 Diary must reach us by 10 January 2018 (March Diary - 10th February)

NOTE: The deadline for diary entries is usually the tenth of the month preceding the event.