Membership Classification

MUSIC:LINK has numerous different membership options to suit all organisations and individuals. Each option offers varying services to make sure you can get the most out of your membership.

As well as the chance to feature in and receive the monthly events diary, the annual directory, access to our website and the unique anti-clash calendar looking two years ahead, every membership type presents unique opportunities to capitalise on your passion for live music.

  • Personal Membership - £17.00
    Members receive key membership services as mentioned above, including the monthly diary, annual directory and website access. Ideal for those who love to attend music events or are looking to network with like-minded groups, teachers, performers and individuals in their area.


  • Concessionary Membership - £14.50
    Members receive the same membership services as personal membership but at a reduced rate for pensioners and students in full-time education.


  • Businesses and Organisations Membership - £42.50
    Perfect for music shops and similar who wish to advertise their service to a dedicated following in their local community through MUSIC:LINK’s directory, website and mailing services. Also receive monthly diaries and directory to provide a great resource to yourself and customers.
    For music organisations and charities, advertise and plan your events, concerts and workshops and build contacts with other musical groups and venues to get a clear picture of the musical landscape in your region.


  • Event Promoters and Venues - £42.50
    Membership for arts centres, heritage sites, churches, concert promoters, music and concert societies etc. Advertise your events through the monthly diary and through a cost-effective distribution of up to 300 flyers to other members. Avoid major clashes with other local events and receive diaries and directories you can display at your venue.


  • Schools, Universities and Colleges - £42.50
    Promote your own events, signpost your students to local events or groups, and engage with your local music community. Find opportunities that link in with accreditations and a directory of local music teachers your students can utilise outside of school.


  • Music Groups and Societies
    Small (10 or fewer) - £25.50
    Large (more than 10) - £42.50
    This membership is for music groups and organisations of all shapes and sizes. For choirs, choral societies, bands, orchestras and other instrumental groups it is a great way to advertise your events to a dedicated audience through the diaries and flyers, as well as promote rehearsals and attract new members.
    For music organisations and charities, see the Business and Organisations membership.


  • Associates - £14.50
    A personal membership level discounted to members of organisations that are full members in their own right, who wish to receive separate mailing for administrative or personal purposes.


  • Performer Membership
    Full Membership - £17.00
    Directory Only - £14.00

    Divided into vocal and instrumental performers. Performer membership allows you to advertise yourself to the regional community to a dedicated following of music lovers. You can also build links with other performers and potential venues to play in, and promote your availability for personal commissions and other gigs. This membership also spreads to composers, tuners and other technicians.


  • Teacher Membership
    Full Membership - £21.00
    Directory Only - £14.00

    Divided into vocal and instrumental teachers. Teacher membership allows you to advertise yourself to the regional community to a dedicated following of music lovers. You will feature in a directory and website used by music organisations and schools when signposting students, and receive monthly diaries for you and your students to find local events and opportunities.


  • Non-Members
    For those who don’t want to become a member, but want to take advantage of our mailing service
    Non-members can have a single mailshot for an event for a cost of between £25.00 and £40.00 (This depends on the total weight of items for including in the mail shot.) Multiple shots cost an extra £20 for each month.